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Watching [Oct. 2nd, 2004|06:36 am]
Thursday night was chilly enough to warrant wearing a jacket, but I chose not to. I wanted to enjoy the cold unencumbered. There will be plenty of nights for bundling up, but for now it's good to shiver a bit, after enduring all those sultry months. I spent some time watching Orion track the moon, knowing that he was slowly gaining on it. I expected to see him closing in on it tonight. He probably is, but I can't see him. He is concealed among clouds made iridescent by the moonlight. It has gotten slightly warmer tonight, too, going from jacket weather to mere sweater weather. I'm not disappointed, as this has made cloud watching more pleasant. There have been marvelous shapes, some like lines of rolling silver breakers crashing on a dark beach, some like flocks of sheep following the shepherd moon, still others like continental masses strewn with dark lakes in which stars shone like the lights of fabulous water-borne cities. It was the best night sky in months.

Soon it will all change, of course. Already, I see the eastern horizon turning pale. The sun will transform the mysterious celestial world back into tethered clouds floating in Earth's blue sky, or even make it evaporate, leaving itself alone to rule the void. I will not see it. I will sleep, and dream of the clouds.

[User Picture]From: weetanya
2004-10-02 06:48 am (UTC)

reading your descriptions is like falling half asleep again, but in a nice way. =)
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