rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happily Wasting Away

There was moonlight almost all night, but the clouds didn't last. I wouldn't have seen much of them had they remained, as I discovered that A&E was showing a pair of two-hour Poirot episodes I'd never seen before. I had no idea they were still making them. I don't know why I find Agatha Christie's improbable tales so entertaining. In part, it's probably just the atmosphere of them, set as they are in a world that so obviously never existed. All those dunderheaded policemen, deluded young swains, malicious aristocrats, and charmingly batty old ladies with tea and dark secrets- not one of them is truly believeable. It's all splendidly absurd. Yet, despite its silliness, I find it irresistable.

So, I squandered most of the night in front of the television. It's unlikely I'd have accomplished much had I not done so, in any case. I'd have ended up dealing with Sluggo, cursing his instability, and by now I'd be in a foul mood, rather than pleasantly bemused. I should waste time more often. I also went out and walked about in the dark for a bit, after four o'clock, but I don't consider that wasting time. A breeze has come up, and the briskness of the night air is most refreshing. In a few weeks, the clocks will be set back and I will no longer have this extra hour of darkness, so I'll enjoy it while I may.

phlagm appears to have gone away, but thus far his journal, with its unique and amusing design, happily remains undeleted. Some content also remains on his Googley friends page (with a Penis.)

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