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No beastly visitors disturbed the night, but the katydids have only just ceased their noise. The gibbous moon set some hours ago, leaving the empty street darker than the sky. Air barely stirred, the looming forest emits no sound. Though cool, the night feels close, and there is a strange absence of any fragrance other than a slight mustiness, as of a closed room in a deserted house where it is always winter. I have an odd sense of being isolated, despite the presence of the sleeping town. I might have changed into a ghost without knowing it.

None of this pleases me, so I have rooted about in my image files and uploaded another picture taken on that foggy January day last year. I'd rather think about that than the present moment. I like fog more than any other meteorological phenomenon, finding its presence most soothing. This particular picture is of a fog bank making its way up the canyon of the Feather River late in the afternoon. Later that night, it followed me home, up the mountain, and we enjoyed several hours together. I look forward to more such visits this coming winter.

As always, click the picture to see the larger sizes.

Fog in Feather River Canyon
Fog in Feather River Canyon


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