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There's a new web update page. It looks pretty good in Opera, and with a 1024 x 768 screen size, but I've seen a lot of complaints from people with smaller monitors and other browsers, especially IE. Apparently some of the bugs it had earlier have been fixed, though. The page is more orderly than the old one. On the whole, I like it. My only complaint is the the box for entering the text is a bit too wide. I find it easier to use the narrower box in the client.

Testing HTML:

     indented five spaces
          indented ten spaces

(I have to make sure the "pre" tag works, so I can post verse in its original format. I can't do that with the Visions client because it over-indents everything.)

Whoa! The preview shows up in a pop-up window! I'm not sure I like that. But at least the "pre" tag works OK.

Anyway. The day was mild and pleasant, but the house has once again decided to get hot in the evening. It's back to the window fan, I guess. Sluggo is not happy!

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