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The revolt of the things continued last evening. Sluggo chose to go unstable just as I was clearing out the cache in my browser. I had to shut down the bad way, and after that I was unable to get Opera to open, no matter what I tried. Finally, I gave up and decided to re-install the program. I had never uninstalled Opera before, and when I did so, I found that it lacks a certain feature of Internet Explorer- namely, it doesn't offer the option of preserving your bookmarks, settings, personal information and such in a special, easily restored folder. Instead, after you make the new install, it has a means of importing the bookmarks (but nothing else, as far as I can tell) from the preserved files of the previous install. However, the folder in which those bookmarks are stored is not clearly marked as such, and I haven't been able to find them. I finally did an import of my IE favorites folder (which task, ironically, Opera makes very easy), but that folder lacks many bookmarks I have collected since I began using Opera.

Worse, I have spent many hours over the last few weeks updating and sorting my Opera bookmarks, and now all that work is trapped in some unnamed place on my hard drive. Unless I can figure out how to fetch them, I'll be starting over. I must also visit all the web sites for which I need to sign in, and for which I had been using Opera's quick sign-in feature, and re-enter my various user names, and the passwords, which I will have to hunt down since I use them so infrequently that I can't remember them, and then put them back into Opera's memory. And, of course, I lost everything I was keeping in Opera's Notes section. Some of this stuff I'll probably never find again. Maybe I'll eventually figure out how to retrieve it from whatever folder it's in and stick it into the new install, but I doubt it. Opera is a nice browser, but it certainly leaves something to be desired. This is going to take so much time!

If there's anything I hate more than computers, it's their damned software.

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