rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Inhaling cool air at last, I sit in darkness and watch the dim shapes of clouds drift across starless sky. There is no desire for anything else. All night, Sluggo sits with monitor dark and hard drive emitting no whir, the television set remains silent, the house is left to the sleeping cat. I am outdoors, ignoring all the world, feeling the chilly breeze blow the last of summer away. However mild the day dawn will bring, this night has given me the first taste of advancing autumn. I am refreshed.

I have only just found out that a final summer revel looms, though; Sunday is Talk Like a Pirate Day. In fact it does not loom west of the International Date Line, where is already underway. Avast, Australia! Too late I discovered (through a Google AdSense link, of course) that this on-line store is having a sale on life-size pirate statues. Not that I could afford one, even at the sale price, but they would make dandy Talk Like a Pirate Day decorations for the idle, spendthrift rich. And, being made of wood and resin, I would imagine they would also make a splendid bonfire to cap the evening's festivities.

Now back out for more fresh air before dawn. It's better than cold beer! Well, almost.

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