rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Looking Out

It is still dark, but all the crickets and katydids have stopped chirping. So familiar have their sounds become while summer passed that night feels empty without them. Earlier, the night was quite lively. I heard deer hooves echoing on the pavement about midnight, and shortly after that I saw a trio of raccoons who had triggered the motion sensing light in the yard next door. An hour ago, I smelled a skunk, though I saw no sign of it. The nocturnal creatures of field and forest prefer moonless nights such as this for their ventures into the town. Sometimes I have sensed their presence and have shone my flashlight into the darkness to see a pair, or many pairs of bright eyes regarding me. Then I wonder what the lurkers think of the sudden appearance of that bright, cyclopean eye shattering their accustomed dim and velvet world. I doubt that they are pleased.

Only days remain until the equinox, and a few weeks until the clocks are changed. The last of the long evenings are passing, and the last of the dark mornings with them, though the mornings will darken again soon enough. But there will be no more warm dark mornings until this time next year. Here, September is usually the last month for watching the stars in comfort. In fact, since October often turns cloudy, September is sometimes the last month for regularly watching the stars at all. Each year, I hope for warm and cloudless nights to coincide with the autumnal meteor showers, but they seldom do. The best nights of the year are almost gone, but some of the best days lie ahead as the trees begin to change color and the smell of fallen leaves fills the cooling air.

Oh, and the rain, too. I am very much looking hoping for a mild autumn rain. It doesn't come every year. Sometimes, rain does not arrive until December, and then it is usually cold and gray. I would love to see a nice October rain glistening on the red and golden leaves. I will make tea, and sit by the window and watch the rain moisten the soft afternoons as the smoke drifts from chimneys and the clouds flow by. Then I will not regret the passing of the warm and starry nights of September.

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