rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Much Cable

A bunch of minor celebrities showed up in a dream I had. As a rule, people who show up in my dreams are either people I know personally or (most often) total strangers who (I assume) are generated by my imagination- although they might be passersby I've seen on the street or in a shop at one time or another whose faces my conscious mind has forgotten. But today, I had a dream full of people from various cable television shows, mostly of the house-and-garden makeover variety. I recall very few details of the dream, but at one point I was walking along a street similar to the one on which I live, and having a conversation with Evan Farmer from TLC's "While You Were Out." He was giving me advice about building shelves, but I remember none of it. Later, bra-less Charlie Dimmock from BBC America's "Ground Force" was in the dream, trying to install a water feature in somebody's back yard into which I had wandered, but she was being bothered by Justin from "While You Were Out," who kept sneaking up behind her and trying to fondle her. She was quite annoyed. The whole thing was surpassingly strange. I think I've been watching too many of those shows. In fact, I have no idea why I've been watching them, since it isn't as though I'm about to do any DIY projects. I'd cut off a finger or nail myself to a wall for sure.

Too warm again today, and I woke up too late, feeling as though I'd been sleeping under a pile of builder's sand. I can't quite believe that September is half over already.

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