rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Waiting for the Wind

Once the last katydid ended its song, it was just me and the crickets and Orion. Even the cat was asleep. There was a bit of wind earlier, but mostly I only heard it humming in nearby stands of trees then fading away. Very little of it came to stir my trees or ruffle my hair. After a while, it vanished altogether. It was only a small foretaste of what is to come. But for a while, a late night stillness fell over the dark landscape. Until the morning traffic began, I got to listen to the crickets undisturbed.

I've decided post the last of the five pictures I have thus far uploaded to my test gallery. I'm trying to decide what to upload next. There are a couple more fog pictures, and some views of Feather River Canyon, but nothing particularly exciting. I have all this space now, and not enough good stuff to put in it. I guess I could make some naked pictures of myself and post them, though I doubt they'd be very popular. In fact, I suspect that they'd be a good way to clear out my friend-of list. Hm. I'll probably stick to landscapes and kitties. Everybody loves kitties, right?

More Fog

Another view of the scene I posted recently. I'm not sure I like the utility poles going right down the center of the picture. (Click for larger images.)
More Fog

Edit: As soon as I posted this entry, Google AdSense fetched a link that says "End Procrastination Now." Well. Just because I can't decide what pictures to upload next! That's awfully presumptuous of them!
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