rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Summer Persists

The morning smelled of burning brush, and I expected another day of dense haze, but the wind must have shifted as I slept, because I woke to bright, clear skies. I think the day was very slightly cooler than yesterday, which is encouraging. Then, a very young squirrel visited my front yard this afternoon. It climbed into the fruitless mulberry tree, probably looking for food. It hasn't learned which trees serve snacks yet. After hopping about the branches for a while, it came down and headed for the back yard. Once the acorns and walnuts are ripe, it will have better luck back there.

I don't know why Sluggo is being so cranky today, as I've had the air conditioning on for a couple of hours. Still, he keeps shutting down programs at random. I can't find out if LJ has fixed its e-mail issues because I can't keep Outrage Express up and running.

When I woke up today, as I was trying to stick my shoes on (which is something I'm sufficiently unwise to do from a standing position), I lost my balance for a moment and, reaching out to grab the wall, smacked the back of my left hand into the corner of a cabinet. Although there are no marks or bruises visible, it still hurts like hell. I suppose I'll have to start sitting down to put my shoes on. My sense of balance has never been all that good, especially for the first few minutes after I wake up, but it looks as though it's getting worse. I wonder how many years I am from doddering?

Shower time.

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