rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a cat fight a couple of minutes ago. Sugar was probably in it. I can't see her anywhere nearby, and it's too dark to go searching to discover what poor kitty she's picking on. She's terribly aggressive sometimes, despite her age and her smallness. She's closer to wild than any cat who has ever lived with me. She's never shown much evidence of being a good hunter, though. I doubt she'd have survived long had she not moved in with humans.

The night remains much too warm. The longer the heat continues, the higher the enervation factor goes. I keep forgetting to water the sourgrass, and soon it will probably start turning brown in this heat. Its little purple flowers will begin to wither, and the bees will not be pleased. I'm not very pleased, myself. I would probably calculate that I have lost a good percentage of my brain cells this summer, had I not lost so many brain cells that I'm no longer able to calculate. A head full of wool, I have.

I have not gotten notifications of the most recent comments I've made, or of those made to me. I don't know if LJ's e-mail is going wonky again, or if it's just my service provider. Nothing has been posted about the problem on the support page. When I've had problems in the past, I would go check the support boards to see if any considerable number of other users were making requests about the same problem, but I can't find the page anymore. I don't know if I've just lost track of it because the site is getting so large, and ever more complicated, or if it is no longer available to casual visitors. Maybe you only get to see support requests now if you have officially signed up to do support. I expect more formality to creep in as time passes, but when it does, I'll miss the casual nature the place once had.

Birds chirping and sky turning pale. Time to stick my head under the covers and hope that it's less wooly when I wake up.

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