rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Devil You Say

Google AdSense has been fetching some wicked links to my Opera ad banner when I open my friends page. Right now, there are ads for something called the Pool Devil, which is some sort of pool cleaning device, and for Devil's Claw Supplements, which is something sold by The other day, it fetched a link to something called Devil Penis. Well, of course I had to click on that one, but all I got was a notice that the server was not responding. Apparently, whatever Devil Penis is, it is so popular that the site is swamped.

As AdSense fetches links based on the content of the page you are currently viewing, I would expect to see something Satanic on my friends page, but I don't. I won't say that I can't imagine what is causing all this Devil-related activity, though. I can easily imagine that it's something to do with Sluggo. He's always been possessed, of course. However, it does seem a bit unlikely that he could be manipulating Google. Since these links only show up when I'm viewing LJ, it's also possible that LJ is possessed, I suppose. And I certainly can't disregard the possibility that Google itself has struck a bargain with the forces of darkness.

Still, it could be nothing more than an ordinary manifestation of entrepreneurialism by Lucifer himself. After all, I'm sure he has plenty of capital on hand for launching new businesses, what with all the tax cuts in recent years, and his subsidiary Haliburton siphoning so much cash out of Iraq, not to mention the fact that Microsoft continues to rake it in. He's doing so well, how could he resist the temptation to put his own name on a few of his projects? But, whoever is behind all these links, I do hope that Devil Penis shows up again. I mean, what the Hell could they be selling? I must find out!

I'm still enjoying the sight of Orion rising up before dawn. This morning, I stayed out and watched him fade, and all the other stars, until only the moon and Venus shared the cloudless cerulean sky, and the detail of trees emerged from inky etchings, and the kitchen lights of the houses began to come on. Crickets then fell silent, and birds began chirping. I left the waking world, closed the windows to hold in the cool night air, and now I will go to sleep while the forest withers in the heat. I intend to dream of the sea.
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