rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Playing With the New Toy

I've uploaded another picture- a really big one this time. It's a couple of years old, and taken with the crappy Fuji snapshot camera, but I like it anyway. I've got quite a few image files this size, and I could fill up my alloted space pretty fast if I upload very many of them.

This picture was taken south of town, below the line of the ponderosas and the big mountain oaks. Here there is open pasture land, studded with these small oaks and a scattering of digger pines. The landscape is rough, cut by deep gulches filled with manzanita and thorny brush. On clear days, the view over the valley is splendid, but on winter days the fog frequently rolls in by late afternoon and lingers until early the next morning. That's when I like it best.

January Fog

These bare oaks were about to be engulfed by the fog rising up the mountain in late afternoon.
January Fog


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