rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A bit of wind came up this afternoon and cleared the air until it sparkled. Birds were about in great numbers. I saw two hummingbirds feeding from the trumpet flowers, and the acorn woodpeckers kept up an almost constant conversation. Increasing numbers of leaves now decorate the ground, while the green abundance of those yet on the trees rustled with a sound like an aural foreshadowing of rain trickling through the streams. Thus far, only the peach tree shows much color, but the oaks have begun to sport spots of brown and yellow. The bright sun and balmy air give no hint of impending change. Still, the evening cools quickly, though the katydids and crickets continue their summery songs. The wind from the north carries a faint scent of wood smoke tonight. Someone is preparing for a late barbecue, or testing their fireplace for winter. This time of year, it might be either. I sense the edge. The change is good.

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