rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The LJ has been doing major suckage this evening. I hope that getting more bandwidth helps.

Update: Oops! Upgrade to be delayed, due to Green Cluster problems.

Summer came back today, with its empty sky and its enervating heat. That time of instability has arrived, when the weather quickly veers from one state to another as summer beats its retreat from advancing autumn. Skirmishes must ensue. Yesterday's clouds had me hoping that at least a bit of rain might fall, but the massed forces proved to be a feint. The almond growers will be pleased, I'm sure. They are expecting to harvest over a billion pounds this year, for the first time. It would be an inopportune time for masses of water to fall from the sky. I'll be patient. I like almonds almost as much as I like rain.

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