rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Last night was The Hotness (as I've heard the kids say in a different context) but in a not at all good way. I feel sunburned, just sitting here in the house. But then, maybe Sluggo has developed a radiation leak in his monitor.

Speaking of the kids, I see them about the town with their heads all shaved for summer. I get a bit envious of their ability to bring off that look. If I were to shave my head, I'd just look like an old, bald guy. Plus, I'd get an actual sunburn the minute I went outdoors. The good thing about merely feeling as though you have a sunburn is that you don't peel. A peeling head would be a disgusting sight. It would be like one of those old vinyl car tops that hasn't been properly maintained.

It might be the heat, but something has put me in a giddy mood tonight. I'm sure I'll be unable to sleep. I keep chuckling for no apparent reason. By rights, I ought to be depressed, since I spent much of the night watching home improvement shows on cable, the house being to hot to allow Sluggo to function for more than a few minutes. Seeing people make lampshades with beads, and mosaic coffee tables, and do horrendous paint effects on their poor, unoffending walls could be expected to make me weep, but it has had the opposite effect. Oh, the red living room! It's to die from!

Then, while commenting on an entry on my friends page, I had occasion to use Google, which found for me a page all about primate testicle sizes, written in dense academic language. Maybe that's what's making me chuckle. My inner Beavis is to blame, I'm sure.

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