rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Again with the deer?

The deer visited my street again tonight. I have grown cautious when I go out, so as not to startle them if they are there. It is still moonless at the time they come by, so I did not see them, but I heard their hooves on the pavement. There were at least four, and probably five. One with louder steps was probably a buck. Most likely there were two does, and probably a fawn or two. I hope that they are still visiting when the moon returns. I would like to get a good look at them. I see deer in daylight from time to time, of course, but they are usually darting across a street and into the brush. I hear them wlking more slowly at night. I think that they are going to and from the oaks at the end of the block, feasting on the acorns. The oaks are the reason deer are common in mixed oak-pine woodlands, but rare in forests dominated by pines. There is litle food for them in pine forest. And, of course, they like the roses of the town's gardens, and the apples of the orchard. Deer are very tasteful creatures.

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