rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Overnight, about three dozen leaves fell from the mulberry tree. I won't rake them yet, of course. I am enjoying the sight of them, pale yellow and slightly withered little promises of autumn, decorating the green and brown of the partly desiccated lawn. There were clouds today, too, at times blanketing the entire sky, though thinly. A strong hint of blue passes through them. I enjoy the look of them, and the pearly light they admit, but they will probably hold in the day's heat. I am attempting to will them to leave now, so that evening might reveal stars. This will probably not happen. The clouds might even thicken, as they sometimes do this time of year, and the night become close and stultifying. But those fallen leaves have cheered me. More will fall, and the nights lengthen, and the days cool, and my second favorite season will arrive with winds and rain and an end to the monotony of summer.

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