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I guess Florida is gone now. scottobear has usually posted by this time of the morning, but not today. I'm guessing there are disruptions to the electrical grid effecting even the southeast part of the state. The most recent newscasts are reporting estimates of fifteen billion dollars in damage. That's a lot of stuff blown away. We're going to need a really big earthquake to reach that sort of number. Our local disasters are rather pasty by comparison. In fact, the fire near Oroville has been contained after burning some 2000 acres. The larger fire, about 90 miles north of here near Shasta Lake has burned about 8000 acres and a few dozen houses, and is 60% contained. I guess we'll survive this one. Now it's only a matter of how much damage is done by winter flooding as a result of the land having been denuded.

What with hurricanes and fires and Julia Child dying, it's been a dismal few days. Maybe that's why the Google ads on my web browser decided to cheer me up with wholesale crazy hats. That's what the link in the ad banner said, and it wasn't kidding. I like the slightly creepy monkey hat, but the arachnid chapeau is a bit much for my tastes.

I'm going to enjoy the coolest day in a week today, (the first one below 90 degrees) because tomorrow it starts heating up again. Feh. I'm also going to hope that Savannah doesn't blow away, because it's one of the places I'd like to visit someday.

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