rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Smoke and Dreams

All day, the smoke has hugged the eastern mountains, obscuring the low ridges. It must be quite dense in the canyons. Though little of it has drifted into the higher air, due to an apparent inversion layer, enough particulate matter has managed to rise that much of the evening sky turned a rather sickly shade of pink. I stared for a while, knowing that the color was refracted from bits of carbonized leaf and grass, branch needle, feather and fur, and probably some furniture and shingles and CD jewel cases from the houses which have burned. I experienced lurid thoughts.

I had another dream set in the dream-world version of this house- the huge version, which rambles for a few hundred feet along the bank of a river. I was telling my parents that we should rent out some of the disused parts of the house, and went on an exploration to see how it might be subdivided. To my surprise, I saw other people wandering through the rooms and hallways. In earlier dreams, I have always been alone in my peregrinations through the place. Most surprising, I found that one part had been converted to a piano bar.

There were a couple of booths and a few tables, and an oddly compressed grand piano which was as long as a normal piano but very narrow, so that the keyboard (which I didn't see) could have been only two or three octaves. Still, the music which came from it sounded like that of a full-sized piano. It was being played by a small, dark-hired woman who I believe is an actual actress I have seen, though I can't remember her name or anything that she has been in. I was standing at the narrow end of the piano, talking to this woman, trying to find out why this bar had been opened in my house without my knowledge, and though I was being very nice to her, she kept getting nastier, and making sarcastic, condescending and vaguely threatening comments to me. I was getting irritated, and must have said something that annoyed her very much, because she said she was going to call security.

The thought that this little bar, in my house, actually had security guards made me laugh, and at that the whole room wavered and appeared as though it was going to vanish, so I left it and continued walking through the house. The dream didn't so much end as simply trail off after that, and I woke to the sound of a car passing the real house. The dream was so fascinating, despite its disturbing aspects, that I tried to go back to sleep and recapture it, but failed. Since the setting is one that recurs, I'll probably have a similar dream in the future. I'm looking forward to it.

The noticeable cooling has improved my spirits, and, knowing that the heat was no longer sufficient to cause me to spontaneously combust within seconds of going out in the daylight, I spent some time in the yard, watching the smoke bank and enjoying the flickering sunlight filtered through the leaves of the mulberry tree. The leaves are darkening, and have probably reached their deepest shade of green. It won't be long before some of them begin to yellow. I am as eager for autumn to begin as I have ever been.

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