rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


When I opened the drapes, the sky seemed a bit too dim. As I slept, unexpected clouds gathered. They are still thin cirrus clouds, but they cover a considerable expanse of sky. Then I noticed that some of the clouds in the southeast were a bit brown. I went out for a closer look, and saw that there is a fire burning, probably a couple of miles from here, along the edge of Feather River Canyon. It looks like a fairly big one.

Then I read in the paper that tonight is the Perseid meteor shower. Drat! Even if the clouds dissipate, the smoke from the fire will probably obscure the view. On the other hand, if the fire gets large enough, the whole town could burn down, and that would be much more spectacular than a few meteors. And it gets better. The first confirmed case of West Nile virus in Butte County was announced today, so if we all die in the fire, we can avoid dying of the disease! I'm determined to be optimistic about all this.

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