rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A little black cat who lives at the end of the block came to visit me this afternoon, and napped for about an hour in a shady spot on the front walk, while my cat was napping on the back porch. Sugar would be so jealous if she knew! The fact that she failed to discover the presence of a rival left the day free of any drama. The sun did the usual hot thing it does this time of year, and the grass got a bit more dry. In short, it was a Sunday of surpassing dullness. I also didn't get to the store to buy more interesting tea, so I'll be without until at least Wednesday. And I overslept again. For some reason I find it very difficult to wake up when I know that absolutely nothing of interest is going to happen.Go Figure.

The LJ client is about 30% wider than it has been in the past. I changed nothing, so it must have altered its own settings, or Sluggo did it. Evil computer is up to something again. I'm going to watch my back.

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