rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shopping Done

Because there are still a few orchards and vineyards in the area, there will sometimes be farm equipment driving along the roads. We got stuck behind one such this afternoon- a small tractor of some sort which we followed for a mile or so of narrow, two lane road before reaching a turnout where the tractor driver could let the accumulated suburban traffic pass. As the machine could only do about 6 MPH, there was quite an accumulation. Ah, the simple joys of semi-rural living!

The promising clouds which greeted the dawn had all burned off by afternoon, and the day once again the normal toastiness of August in the mountains. While passing by the orchard (at the unintended leisurely pace) I noted that the trees are now filled with little green apples. I am heartened at the thought that but a few short weeks remain before the rows of trees will resound to the clatter of ladders and the chatter of the itinerant harvesters. By then, the days may be as crisp as the ripe fruit, and sweeter. And then (with good fortune) will come the rains and the blustery days of swift clouds and turning leaves. In the meantime, I have tasty summer fruits, including some plums now chilling in the refrigerator. There may yet be some few days of scorching heat, but I feel that the worst has been weathered. The remaining half of summer will be more pleasant. Ever the optimist.

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