rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Aircraft are circling. I've seen two. One is a helicopter, but the other is a lovely twin-boom plane that looks very much like a WWII vintage P38 Lightning. Their path describes a circle around an area in the southeast part of town. I suspect that they belong to the forestry service, and that they are watching a fire, though I have neither seen nor smelled any smoke. But the day is cloudy, and growing more so. Though I have heard no thunder, the atmosphere is right for heat lightning, so it's possible that a brush fire has been started somewhere nearby. I'm listening for sirens. If we have to evacuate, I'm taking the cat and leaving Sluggo behind.

Earlier, the clouds were mostly cirrus, with a handful of small cumulous scattered about. Now they are more dense, but I doubt that we'll be lucky enough to get any nimbus. If they don't thicken up too much, there might be a spectacular sunset. The sultriness and the clouds have given the day a tropical quality, which is a nice change from the usual aridity of a California summer. I might turn on the lawn sprinkler, just to moisten the air further. Mmm, if only I had a fresh coconut! I'm going to go out and watch the airplane passing again and again, bright silver against the grey and white and blue of turbid sky.

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