rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


From some place over toward the river, I heard an animal bellowing. I wonder if the deer are in rut? It might have been a very large bird, though. I don't know half the creatures who frequent this place. I also heard some noisy waterfowl a few mornings ago, heading up into the mountains. As summer drags on, the valley wetlands shrink and the birds remove themselves to the more enduring lakes at higher elevations. It must be nice up there now.

It is after five in the morning, and though I am tired, I am not the least bit sleepy. It's like when I used to drink too much coffee all the time. I am like that little blue light which lingers in the center of the screen after you turn off the television- bleary and conveying no useful information, exhausted, but unable to shut down completely. I'm apt to get a bit goofy at such times. I'll bet some beer would put me to sleep, but then I'd wake up needing to take a leak after two or three hours. Maybe I'll just imagine I'm listening to Al Gore speak. Yeah, that would knock me out fast.

Oh, it's Thursday, and there's nothing I can do about it.

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