rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Gadgets Are the Bane of My Existence!

I cleaned my mouse, and it's gone all flollipy on me. It was the dirt that was making it work! Now I have to figure out how to cover its little internal wheels with fresh crud. Too bad I've never learned all those keyboard commands that would minimize my mousy needs.

Each day is very slightly cooler, and by midweek there will be clouds. The change is agonizingly slow. Someday, I would like to have a house with a nice, dark basement which stayed cool all year. I could lurk there in summer, emerging only by night, and grow so pale that any children unfortunate enough to see me would whimper and cling to their mother's skirts.

In fact, I'm probably getting out far to little these days as it is. I'm sure that any prolonged exposure to direct sunlight would burn me to a crisp, or even cause me to burst into flames. If this continues, I'll soon need to wear dark glasses when the moon is full. Speaking of which, last night was the second full moon of July, commonly known as a blue moon. There won't be another until 2007, I think. It was a rare event, and I failed to note its occurrence. Oh, how indolent I have become! Only Sluggo is pleased.

I must allow at least a full minute for the mouse moves needed to post this entry. Then I'm going to try filling the mouse with sludge. It couldn't be any worse.

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