rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I finally got to log in! Amazing!

But not for long, because we have returned to those in-between days, too hot for Sluggo to function and not hot enough to turn on the air conditioner. Maybe it will get cool enough later tonight for me to catch up on my friends page.

I saw a hummingbird sipping from the roses immediately outside my kitchen window. It was no more than ten inches away. I'd have had to put on my reading glasses to get a good look at it, though.

There are also a large number of small moths flying around in the house. I've seen at least three or four in every room today. I have no idea where they are all coming from. I'm afraid to open the closets for fear I might find their contents utterly consumed.

Because the Slug must nap, I'm going to watch the re-broadcast of that reality show about the Amish kids living with a bunch of other kids in a Los Angeles apartment. I normally don't take much interest in reality shows, but I am unable to resist a good clash of cultures.

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