rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


LJ being sluggy again, I can't log in from the web, but the client logged in. Hmph. The user stats on the login page give the total number of journals as 3,999,599. If I created one right now, I might get number 4,000,000. But the pages won't open. Maybe everybody else had the same idea and they are clogging the site.


There was a slight haze in the air tonight, and it caught the light of the nearly full moon so that a soft glow permeated everything.The stars were dimmed both by moonlight and haze, but the scattered light brought a strange enchantment to the scene. I haven't quite figured out how to describe it, but there was a vaporous quality to it, as though it might be possible to condense the light and pour it into a basin, where it might gleam and ripple and reflect in miniature the scene above it; a bright liquid through which the hand might pass and yet feel dry, though shimmering drops would fall and be seen to splash and be heard to make a sound like a small, resonant bell. Charmed by the thought of this casual defiance of nature's laws, I watched for a long time, until the moon settled behind the trees, and I heard the silken fluttering of moth's wings.
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