rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Flowers Munched

The deer have returned. Late last night, when tree shadows turned the light of the low moon to intricate filligree, I went out to enjoy the night air. As I walked along the driveway, I stepped on a single dry leaf which crunched loudly, and I heard the sudden clop of hooves on the pavement across the street. The noise had startled several deer. They were not visible in the darkness, but I listened to them trot away. This morning, the early light reveals that most of the blossoms have been stripped from the rose bushes in every nearby yard. The deer must have been feasting for quite some time before I disturbed them.

Later, I had an interesting political fantasy. Dick Cheney has a massive heart attack (the ghost of Warren G. Harding forbid) and can't run. The Republicans decide that, to avoid the alienation of black voters, rather than kick Colin Powell out of the administration, they will kick him upstairs and run him for Vice President. They win the election. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is elected to the Senate, rapidly distinguishes himself in that body, gains a strong political base, and becomes the Democratic nominee for President in 2008. Powell becomes very popular as Vice President, and gains the Republican nomination for the Presidency. We have two black candidates for President in 2008.

The thing that would make me happiest is no more years of Bush. Having a contest between Powell and Obama is the thing that would make me second happiest. It's a very long shot, of course, but possible nevertheless. We would probably get political debates and speeches that were actually worth listening to, for a change. It's about time that something non-abysmal happened in American politics, anyway.

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