rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It turns out that I do need new glasses. It's not just the prescription that needs changed, though. The frames of the reading glasses which I've had for a bit over two years (and without which Sluggo is virtually unusable) are falling apart. The other day, one of the silicon nose paddles came off, and I can't find it. Just now, the right lens popped out for no apparent reason. I looked closely (or as closely as I could without my reading glasses) and discovered that the frame had separated because the tiny screw which held it together had worked its way loose and gone walkabout. AWOL! Like the missing paddle, I can't find it anywhere.

Well. I'm wearing the old glasses now, and their prescription is several years out of date, so not very helpful. Since I wore them for many years, and their frames are still functional (though, I must admit, of a what the hell was I thinking when I bought these fashion), I have once again come face to blurry face with the optical industry's accelerating moral decay. Back when frames cost a fraction of what they do now, they lasted for untold years. The pair which just disintegrated on my face were priced at $130!

Anybody who wears glasses knows that frames are now more overpriced than just about anything other than athletes, movie stars and corporate CEOs- and maybe a Pentagon toilet seat. I'm wondering if it might be worth my while to buy a pair of cheap, mass produced sun glasses at Walgreen's, pop the lenses out, and have my optician fit my new prescription lenses to those frames. They couldn't possibly be any flimsier than the things he sells for far higher prices.


I'm getting eyestrain from the obsolete substitutes, so I must end my rant. And I was enjoying it so much!

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