rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me (But Probably Not Until I'm Fully Roasted.)

The woodpeckers are being especially noisy this morning. They aren't drilling, but they are chattering at one another. They can be as aggresssive as jays, and I expect a woodpecker brawl might break out at any moment. It won't keep me awake. The stultifying atmosphere of the room is already doing that. This afternoon, the same atmosphere will be making it difficult for me to wake. If I had a tub with a shower I could sleep there and rig up some sort of device to turn the cold water on at the right time. A liquid alarm clock! If I patent it, I'll make a small fortune! Then I'll lose it all when I'm sued by the survivors of people who were drowned by their liquid alarm clocks. Better not do it.

I just noticed that on the web update page there is a clock showing the local time. It shows the time the page was opened. That's handy for seeing how long it takes to write an entry, since you can compare it to your computer's time display. Funny that I've never noticed it there before, though.

Tiny, tiny arachnid on my monitor screen.

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