rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mister Cranky

I know what's going to happen. In a while, I'll go to bed, and it will be so hot that I will use only one blanket. When I am almost asleep, I will feel a chill, and I will get up and fetch a second blanket. Half an hour or so after that, I will be wakened by the dropping temperature and I'll fetch a third blanket. Then I will sleep for a couple of hours, until the increasing heat wakes me, and I shed one blanket. Then, a couple more hours of sleep, and I'll wake up sweating, and shed another blanket. Then I'll go back to sleep until it's too hot for any blanket at all. It's been that way for three days. I'm tired of it. The most annoying thing is that the serious cooling comes after dawn, when it's too late to be any help for using the heat-hating computer.

I had thought that the reduction in the cloud cover would bring an earlier cooling tonight, but it hasn't happened. The night is not cloudy, but it is hazed, and that apparently has the same effect. I wish for autumn, or for cheaper electricity so I can at least keep the air conditioner running all night. I'd settle for Ken Lay running in a big hamster wheel to produce my power- as long as he was out in the garage, so I wouldn't have to smell him sweat. Now I have to take the trash cans out, since I forgot to do it last night. I have the distinct feeling that I'm going to be cranky today. I'll stay as quiet as possible.

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