rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Sultriness

I do believe this room is hotter now than it was ten hours ago. There must be a portal to hell opening under the house. I knew I should have kept a closer eye on Sluggo!

The clouds that conserve the heat are lovely to look at, though. By night, when they float in the west they catch the lights of Chico and spread a soft, romantic glow. When they pass overhead the light is much less, but the variegation of luminance and shade slowly playing across their surface is fascinating to watch. It's a good thin I enjoy the spectacle they provide, since I certainly can't use the computer while they are trapping all this heat, and there's nothing else to do here on a Sunday night.

I have overslept for the past two days. I will make an attempt to rise earlier today. Things to do piling up, as my brain slowly bakes.

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