rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cloudy Night

As dusk became full darkness, I saw the bright streak of another meteor. They are appearing almost every night now. I don't think any proper meteor showers are scheduled currently, so they must be strays. Shortly after last evening's sighting, the clouds thickened, and they have obscured most of the sky since, as well as holding in the day's heat. Though it is moonless tonight, I can dimly see the pale shapes drifting across the darkness. It is a nice change from the familiar field of stars, and quite serene. I have listened for the sound of thunder rolling from the higher mountains, but have not heard it, nor have I seen any cloud patches briefly flash with the glow of lightning. But this is the sort of weather when that does often happen. I've heard that night time summer lightning storms in the high Sierra can be spectacular, but I've never been there when one occurred.

There have been a few occasions when storms broke over the town, and the small, hunkered houses would suddenly be slashed again and again by stark shadows of surrounding tall trees as the lightning flashed, and the thunder would roll over the steaming pavements and echo through the dark rooms, the furious winds driving sheets of rain sideways, but such storms must be even more impressive when seen from amid the crags and rocks, the tumbling streams and towering firs of the high country. I'd like to see that someday.

But tonight is quiet, and the houses remain obscure, barely visible under the dim sky, and the shadowless trees jut jagged darkness heavenward, where a single star might wink for a moment now and then before vanishing behind the endless river of drifting cloud. A storm would be nice, but this is nice, too.

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