rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I got my wish for a cloudy day. In fact, I got more clouds than I expected, though they have thinned out a bit for evening. At the moment, there are lots of alligator clouds turning pink with sunset light. A sky full of giant pink lizards is quite a sight. I took a picture of one particularly reptilian cluster, but I doubt that the camera was up to the job. The lens is pretty slow.

The cloudiness also brought mugginess. Despite slightly lower temperatures, it has been very uncomfortable. Well, uncomfortable for California. I suppose midwesterners might consider a day such as this quite pleasant. When one is accustomed to summer air so dry it practically crackles when you walk through it, any mugginess at all feels weird.

I think this is the year we will have to trim the mulberry tree again. I think it's been four years since it was last cut back, and the branches now extend above the utility wires leading to the house. If there is a heavy snowfall this winter, that could be a hazard. Cutting back means no shade to speak of for the front yard next summer, but it needs to be done. That tree grows like a weed.

Oh, there's fresh watermelon to counteract the sultry summer night. It must be eaten now!

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