rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Morning light reveals puffs of cloud which have gathered in the east. They might dissipate with full dawn, but I hope they linger through the day. I'd like to wake to a sky of blue and white for a change. A sky full of rain clouds would be better, especially if there were a few lighting bolts and one of those furious, windblown downpours, but I know that event to be unlikely. Now that I think of it, I haven't even heard the usual summer thunder rolling through the mountains this year. I strongly disapprove of the monotonous weather we are enduring. Weather is almost the only interesting thing that ever happens here! I need some variety! I suppose I could attempt to summon rain through the sacrifice of a goat to Thor or Tlaloc (although I think Tlaloc prefers human hearts.) But that wouldn't be something to delight the neighbors. I might come to be thought of as a bit odd if I began performing pagan rituals. I guess I'll stick to running the lawn sprinkler when I feel like listening to rain. Autumn will arrive with its rejuvenating precipitation eventually, with no dead goat required. I only hope that I haven't turned to a dried husk by then.

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