rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The base of the front porch hasn't been swept in a long while. This afternoon, I noticed many strands of spider silk extending from the bottom step to the walk below. They billowed slightly in the soft breeze, and caught the sunlight so that the whole area they occupied glinted and flickered with thin, bright streaks. There were various things caught in them, too. I noticed a bird's pinfeather, a couple of dandelion seeds, some bits of dry leaf, and much dust, but no prey, and no spiders. In the past, when there have been brush fires near town, I have seen spider webs filled with bits of ash. Almost anything light enough to be caught is apt to end up clinging to spider silk. I thought I really ought to sweep the porch and the walk, but after watching for a while as the light played over the strands, and the bits of detritus bobbed and swayed with each breath of air, I decided not to. Maybe there will be a summer shower, and I'll see glittering beads of water caught in the silk, making it look like a bejeweled shawl carelessly dropped there by some passing dryad.

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