rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The nefarious activities of the slime devils kept me off the site most of the night. I wasn't sure if my access via my usual ISP was being blocked by LJ, so I'm using my cheap Juno backup, and it is working so far, but the delays have cost me much time.

The overcast made the moon look as though it were floating in steam tonight. I felt as though I were floating in steam for much of it. It has cooled a bit outdoors now, but the house remains quite summery. The cat insists on staying outside, of course. I suspect her of stalking small nocturnal beasts, though she has brought me no squirming gifts. I'm a bit envious of her, as she has obviously been able to spend the night more productively than I.

I'm recalling that, last year, July turned out to be on average a bit cooler than June. Oh, I hope that happens again! Does it not go without saying that I will be glad to see the ass-end of this month receding in the distance? I'd give it a kick for more speed if I could.

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