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LJ was doing better for a while, but it seems to have had a relapse. I'm getting lots of timeouts when I click on links, and when I tried to log on to the client, I got nothing but "cannot contact server" notices. So, I'm updating from the web update page (which took forever to open.) LJ's got indigestion. My heavy posts are to blame, undoubtedly.

Also, I have joined the throngs who aren't getting their comment notifications. It's definitely not my ISP's fault. I checked.

It has become overcast again, but the sunset was not spectacular, and the evening sky is now no more than a violet haze. It's quite restful, though the air is still uncomfortably hot and heavy. We might yet get an orange glow, though. It happens that way sometimes.

I am less sore than I was yesterday, though sitting in one spot for more than fifteen minutes or so still generates little twinges in my neck. I might try icing it for a while.

Hey, we did get an orange glow! It's out there right now. I'm going out to watch it. And I don't think I'll bother to spellcheck this entry. It's probably going to take too long to post as it is, if it posts at all.

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