rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Slow Day

I see that LJ is still enduring massive suckage. My friends page has fewer than a third the number of posts I'd expect on a Friday afternoon. It takes a lot of discouragement for that to happen.

The gmail thing is having quite an influence. When I visited my Excite! inbox last night, there was an announcement posted on my log-in page that said my free account would soon be upgraded from 3MB of storage to 125MB, and the maximum size of an individual e-mail I could send would be increased to 10MB. I urgently desire not to receive any 10MB e-mails, since they would take me more than an hour to download on my dial up connection. I certainly won't be sending any! I really don't see the big deal about the massive increases in storage, anyway. I can easily store any e-mail I want to keep on my hard drive, and get to it without going through that skinny little pipeline of an Internet connection.

Less than an hour until my appointment. Must get ready.

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