rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nothing to See Here: Just Keep Moving

I saw the moon for a little while, and then it set without encountering any of the clouds. Too bad. Night clouds and moonlight are best when they get together, like ice cream with a nice topping. I also took advantage of the computer's lengthy downtime to clean out some of the fuzz which has accumulated between its less frequently used keys. All those F+# keys in particular had gathered much lint. I have no idea what most of them do, except for the F8 key which is useful for sorting things into folders in my document files.

I think that some of that fuzz must be originating with the cover I have on my chair. The chair was once part of a dinette set, and the last of its kind in the house, and the cover is the last of a set of fleece seat covers my dad once had in his car. For a long time, the fleece served as a cat bed, but the last cat has never taken to it, so, when the ripped vinyl upholstery of the chair finally released so much of its cottony stuffing that I was sitting on bare wood, I put the fleece over the seat. Some of the fleece had already come loose over the years, but more and more of it is now falling out because it now gets so much use. Every day, I find more little clumps of it on the floor, and some of it is apparently becoming airborne, because I recognized the color and texture of it in the fuzz I extracted from between the keys. Soon, the fleece will be utterly unfleeced, and I'll have to find another covering for the chair, or find a different chair altogether. The unevenness of the seat cover, which causes me to lean oddly, might have contributed to my recent back problems.

I keep getting the feeling that I've forgotten to do something, and that it will come to me only once I've gotten comfortably settled into bed. Then I'll have to get up and do it, since I find it nearly impossible to sleep if some task has gone undone. If the task involves Sluggo, though, I'm screwed, since he is just about at his limit for the night right now. Say goodnight, Sluggo.

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