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The evening sky is brushed with a splendid assortment of cirrus clouds. Here below, it is sultry once again. A pair of blue jays have been frolicking about in my front yard. I hope they don't decide to nest in the wild plum bushes outside my window, as jays have sometimes done in the past. Blue jays make terrible neighbors, screeching at everything that moves within a hundred feet of their nest, and the chicks emit almost constant, ear-splitting shrieks day after day as they beg for more food. Now that I'm down to one cat, the yard is more attractive to nesting birds. I don't mind the quiet species, but, please, no jays.

The recently pruned rose bushes have thrust up new stems with astonishing speed, and a couple of the bushes by the kitchen window are now more than eight feet tall, and crowned with both blooms and numerous buds. The daisies are flourishing as well, and the oleander bushes along the back fence, still quite small despite being several years old, have produced an impressive profusion of white blossoms for the first time. I've always wondered why these particular oleanders have remained stunted, while those along roadsides nearby, and even in the median of the freeway in Chico, flourish despite the constant stream of exhaust fumes they must endure. I thought maybe mine were duds. I'm glad that they are at last blooming, if not growing into the large plants I had envisioned.

I still have to get up and walk around every few minutes, or my neck and shoulders stiffen up and ache. The fact that LJ is appallingly sluggish today thus has, for me at least, the compensatory effect of giving me the opportunity to do that. Each time I click on a link, I have a minute or two for exercise before the page finally opens. It's an ill wind, etc.

Google AdSense fetched an odd combination of links to my Opera ad banner a while ago. I don't know what text on the page triggered it, but the two paid ads were for something called "Tribute to Ronald Reagan" (an ad for an authorized biography on DVD), and "Celebrate Ronald Reagan" (an assortment of memorabilia for sale.) The odd thing was the subject of the "Related Searches" links below the ads. They were for "scary stories; scary; weird stuff; decapitation." Has somebody learned how to Googlebomb AdSense, I wonder?

Hmmm. Time to ice my neck again, then go out and watch the dusk descend.

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