rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The most recent manifestation of my conflict with Very Small Creatures is my discovery a while ago of a black widow spider of alarming proportions inside the house. The brazen arachnid had, within the last few hours, built a crazy web which was partly attached to one of my cat's bowls. I was unable to destroy the invader, as it managed to conceal itself with remarkable speed. It now lurks in a dark corner behind a piece of dark furniture, and will be difficult to dislodge even when daylight comes. It doesn't help that my back is still in no condition for furniture moving. I destroyed the creature's web, and have moved the cat's bowls to another room. I only hope that the spider does not produce an egg sack before she can be removed from the premises.

The nights are no longer cooling sufficiently to bring down the temperature in my room to the point where Sluggo is comfortable. Even with the fans blowing, the day's heat remains thick here even now, as the first light creeps in. I, on the other hand, get to cool down quite a bit, in part -- that part being my neck and shoulders, which I must periodically chill with ice packs, to reduce the soreness. I can expect at least a few more days of discomfort from the dislocation, but it isn't as bad now as it was yesterday. But, I can't sit here any longer. I must get up and move about, and Sluggo must nap. This afternoon, there will be the great spider hunt. Woe to the arachnid!

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