rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I got about four hours of sleep yesterday afternoon and then spent an uncomfortable night unable to stay in one position for more than ten minutes. Ants invaded the bathroom. A dozen or so were crawling around the rim of the washbowl, and I took out my frustration on them, crushing them with a piece of toilet paper. More of them appeared from behind the sink -- have they colonized the wall? I crushed so many of them that the air began to smell of dead ant. Then I slept for a few more hours. I still move gingerly, as my back still feels as though it is just about to do something nasty to me, with lots of little catches whenever I move. I also ache all over, as though I'd fallen down a flight of stairs, and I have an intermittent headache and that queasy feeling that often accompanies it. I have another appointment for four o'clock. I'd rather just go to sleep for a week or so.

Hot once again, and the house full of that clammy atmosphere it gets when the air conditioner has been in frequent use. Bugger summer. And ouch!

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