rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bad Idea, Good Idea

Love the long evenings, hate the early dawns. What I need is something like Daylight Super-Saving Time. Set the clock ahead three hours instead of one. Then it wouldn't get dark until almost midnight, and morning wouldn't arrive until seven. Of course, my internal clock would still be set where it is now, so I'd be getting to sleep after nine A.M. and waking up after five P.M., which would be terribly inconvenient -- not to mention that everybody else would be pissed off at me for thinking up the idea to begin with. Never mind. Forget I even mentioned it.

The new LJ toy is the Top 100 Commenters meme (download the code here) created by scrapdog. (So far, it's for Windows only.) I'd like to do it, but I don't want to put Sluggo through that much stress for something that appears to still have a few bugs in it. I might not be able to get it to work, and don't want to spend what little time I'm able to use this wretched machine to do something unless I'm pretty sure it's going to be productive. (OK, who said "Then why are you writing this post?" Smartass!) But I'm enjoying seeing the results posted in other journals.

I checked out the gardenias, and they aren't blooming yet after all, so I have no idea what that smell was yesterday evening. Maybe it was another of my hallucinations. There is certainly no trace of it in the air now. There are still clouds about, though, and those in the northeast are turning a lovely shade of pink. I'm going out to look at them before I go to sleep. Then I can dream of strawberry ice cream.

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