rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Either Sluggo or LiveJournal is being very bad today. Since the weather is mild here, I'm guessing that it's LJ. Pages take forever to open, and sometimes won't open at all.

Following a bright afternoon, the clouds returned to create a gray evening with only a few patches of blue walled with fluffy white ramparts.

The crows have been active, and I suspect that they might be gathering for a crow war. It's getting rather late in the day for it, though. Maybe it will happen tomorrow. It would be an entertaining diversion.

The lawn is beginning to turn brown in spots, so it will soon be necessary to begin watering it. I'm surprised that it stayed green as long as it did, given the minimal rain the season brought. Most years, it doesn't need much watering until July. It's likely to be a long summer. I'm glad for the few days of coolness we are currently enjoying.

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