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A delightful cold front made it necessary for me to use five blankets on my bed. I woke to the sound of thunder rolling among masses of turbulent cloud. It was quite splendid, despite the minimal rainfall which merely speckled the dirt and darkened a few patches of pavement. Even better, there might be more of the same tomorrow, and I have an entire night in which to catch up on such tasks as deleting spam from all my in boxes, sorting useful mail into folders, and catching up on correspondence. I might even have time to visit a few web sites. It will be almost like having a real computer!

Right now, the clouds have parted sufficiently that there is a chance of a spectacular sunset. There have been few enough of those this year, so I'm going out to watch and to enjoy the cool air which has quieted the crickets and brought the cat indoors to nap among her cushions in the warm living room.

A good day, even though I was too far west to watch the transit of Venus.

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