rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shocking Proposal!

A story at the bottom of the front page of today's Sacramento Bee carries the following shocking headline:
Memo said torture ban
didn't apply to Bush

Well, I must say that, no matter what one thinks of the man or of his policies, it is simply unthinkable that he should be tortured! After all, he is the President of the United States. The office, at least, deserves some respect! An American President should not be tortured, no matter what his crimes! A Vice President? Maybe. Members of the cabinet? It depends. Congress? Probably. Heads of Federal agencies? By all means! Party bosses? It should be mandatory! But not the President!

What is even worse is that this memo stating that the President had no immunity from torture came from attorneys within the administration itself! I am well aware that there are many within the administration who are disgruntled with Mr. Bush's performance, and that some are even beginning to suspect that he is not of sound mind. No doubt, there are many who would like to dump him as the Republican nominee for the next term and substitute someone such as John McCain, who would most likely not be constantly making the claim that his policies were the direct result of Divine Will. But none of this is an excuse to exclude Mr. Bush from the ban on torture!

Worst of all, the proposal in this infamous memo has been defended by none other than Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld! According to the article, Rumsfeld "...said that any executive branch officials, including those in the military, could be immune from domestic and international prohibitions against torture for a variety of reasons." So, apparently, Rumsfeld believes not only that the President ought to be tortured, but that even a lowly private in the army should have the right to do so! I find it appalling that even one such as Rumsfeld, who cut his political eye teeth in the notorious Nixon administration, could be so callous as to defend such a position. Mr. Bush raised Donald Rumsfeld to the high office he now holds, and this is how he is repaid? Shame on you, Mr. Rumsfeld!

I call upon every right-thinking American, of whatever party, of whatever ideology, to stand up against this wickedness and to demand that the President be included in the ban on torture. We must insist that President George W. Bush not be tortured! Remember, it is this which separates us from the terrorists!

Nota Bene: Please note that I am not saying that George W. Bush should not be tortured if that is his desire. For example, should he want Condoleezza Rice to dress up in a sexy leather outfit with stiletto heels, handcuff him to the bed and have at him with a whip (and what red-blooded Texas politician wouldn't -- Ann Richards excepted, since she would undoubtedly want to be the one who got to wear the outfit and wield the whip) then, by all means, he has every right to indulge his pleasure. After all, Bill Clinton got to do it!

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