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Automatic lawn sprinklers up and down the block have been running tonight, so the air smells like rain even though there has been none. I doubt that there will be any more, so late in the season. There have been years here, though, when uncommonly hot summers brought a few violent thunderstorms. But most likely we will have to wait at least until fall before there is another good soaking. May the summer pass quickly. The year I moved here, September was quite rainy, with several splendid downpours. I wouldn't mind a repeat of that rare occurrence.

Last night, my cat brought me not one, but two rats! She seems to have decided that, now that she is the only cat, she is responsible for my feeding. Upon hearing her calls, and recognizing their import, I did not open the door for her, but praised her hunting skills through the window. When she realized that she would not be admitted to the house, and that I did not want her offerings, she consumed the fresh prey herself. I hope she was not insulted by my boorish behavior. I also hope that she does not regurgitate rodent innards onto the carpet once she comes back in.

Though last evening was a bit cooler once again, Sluggo persisted in his misbehavior -- so much so that I was unable to make an entry last night. Apparently, as his little circuits age, his sensitivity to heat increases. His many crashes and the years of power surges he has endured have left him quite addled -- I mean beyond his original addled state. Either that, or he's channeling Ronald Reagan already. I can think of no other explanations for his utter confusion.

Oh, here comes the morning again. Will it never learn?

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