rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

One Good Hour

I will write about what happened 18 hours ago, because this is the soonest the Slug would let me post.

I opened the front door and heard hooves on the driveway. Gray light revealed a doe, scampering away from my intrusion on her morning rounds. I waited, then heard rustling in the drying lilies at the other end of the yard. Another doe appeared, walking cautiously, then another followed. The one who had started when I opened the door had stopped to wait in the yard next door. The other two crossed my lawn slowly as I stood perfectly still on the porch. They glanced at me, but remained calm until nearing the fence, when they broke into a trot and leaped into the neighboring yard. All three looked back at me for a moment before continuing on up the street and out of sight. I expected to see a stag with them, but there was none. I hope he didn't meet an untimely end at the hands of an early morning commuter.

It got very cool outdoors in the hour before dawn, but it was stiflingly hot by afternoon. I don't expect things to be much different for quite some time.

I got no e-mail at all today. That's the first time in months, I think.

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